Registration Registration
Pick up your weekend badges now for the oldest anime convention in North Carolina!
Guests Guests
We fly guests in from all over!  Check out our guest list for more information.
Panels Panels
There’s a panel around every corner covering a wide range of topics!
Dealer's Room Dealer’s Room
Come by our Dealer’s Room for official merchandise, swords and more!
Artists' Alley Artists’ Alley
The Artists Alley is a great place for attendees to pick up unique prints & handcrafted items.
Enter the AMV contest or just stop by and check out the entries!
Dance Dance
Do you hear that rockin’ beat?  Time to hit the dance floor!  
Masquerade Masquerade
Whether you want to watch the skits or be on stage, check out the Masquerade!
Cosplay Chess Cosplay Chess
Become a human chess piece and follow the bidding of your chess master at Cosplay Chess!