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Cosplay Chess 2012 Feedback

All those big time events of the convention from Dances to Music Videos, from Cosplay to Karaoke, we'll talk about them here.

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Cosplay Chess 2012 Feedback

Postby Radicalindigo » Mon May 28, 2012 5:53 pm

First and foremost thank you to everyone who participated in and came to see cosplay chess this year. A special thanks and congratulations goes out to the newly engaged Link and Midna who proposed mid-match this year.

While some things are always out of our control (Such as the stage taking up the right side of the room, when we are scheduled, and the chess pieces who don't show up) we are always trying to improve on the event.

Please give us your feedback. What were the highlights? What constructive suggestions do you have?

We are also already looking into next year's cosplay chess match theme.

Currently up for debate are...

The ultimate battle of the sexes. Men vs. Women Who will win the Men or Women of your favorite anime, manga, and video games use both brains and brawn to decide. Can spike Speigal really shoot Cardcaptor Sakura at close range? Would Haruhi even hesitate to to blackmail any of the guys with compromising photos scrounged form the depths of the internet?

Human vs Non-human
Does humanity stand a chance against robots, aliens, pokemon, and more?

Why so serious? Humor versus Serious
Some characters are born jokers full of witty and not so witty comebacks and enough slapstick to make your sides hurt. Other characters barely crack a smile unless they're shooting you, stabbing you, or waving goodbye to the thorn int heir side. Are some characters taking life too lightly or are other characters just being too moody and a stick in the mud?
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Re: Cosplay Chess 2012 Feedback

Postby therahma » Wed May 30, 2012 12:16 am

Wow, I love the themes for next year. Well, to start, cosplay chess was great this year. I liked the onscreen display and the line-up. I also liked the enthusiasm of the emcees when they were trying to pump everyone up.
A few suggestions though, and I really hope nobody takes offense to this - I understand there was a lot of effort put into the event - but these are some of the things I noticed.
First, it would've been great for the chess masters to have a very clear understanding of the characters. One of the things I would recommend is during the "meet your team members" meeting, the chess masters also attend to get a feel of the characters. Maybe the cosplayers can explain the characters so that the chess masters understand. When I was looking at the characters, I noticed some of them would've been much better as certain pieces. Another criticism is I wish the deaths were at least semi-pre-planned. There were characters who were from the same anime but in different teams, and there were characters whose personalities are complete rivals. It would've been so interesting to see those kinds of characters fight each other off.
Those were the two main points of concern for me. Other than that, cosplay chess was neat, well-organized, and very fun. I was honored to be a part of it.
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