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Current Animazement news and information pertaining to the upcoming convention.

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Postby BobD » Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:06 pm

We would like to welcome you to the Animazement Forum. Animazement seeks to
promote an understanding of the cultural aspects of Japan and promote the arts and
activities to be found among the people there. The Animazement Forum has been
placed here to help you in preparing for your experience during the convention held over
Memorial Day weekend.

To help you understand our forum better we have prepared the following mission

“The Animazement Forum exists for the express purpose of the promotion, planning and discussion of events pertaining to Animazement and any activities associated with the convention throughout the year.”

Here are a few rules that we would like for you to read over and abide by as you
contribute to the discussions in the various threads:

1.Please treat others as you would like to be treated. Show everyone respect and even when disagreements may arise, please be polite and mature in handling them.

2. It is okay to disagree with someone pertaining to given subjects. However, ongoing
arguments with others is discouraged. Please take it somewhere else. Because this forum centers on the subject of Animazement and those areas associated with it, we strongly urge members to resist from delving deeply into subjects such as religion and politics or even sub/dub and pirate/ninja wars. if you feel any sensitive area needs to be discussed with someone else, please use private messaging.

3. Please use only appropriate language in your discussions and don't say anything you
would not want your 10 year old brother or sister to hear. We are a family oriented
convention and some who may frequent our forum may be of a younger age.

4. If you are discussing an anime or manga title and will be sharing something that could spoil the plot, please place this in a spoiler box. Others may not have watched or read the title you are referencing and revealing certain information could ruin their enjoyment of it.

5. While we recognize that discussions can turn as you think of information to share, we ask that you please keep topics running in the direction of the original post as much as possible. Please do not hijack topics or derail them for your own purpose. Intentional spamming in a topic will be deleted and those responsible will be warned and or banned from the forum.

6. Do not ask for information regarding locating illegal downloadable anime or manga,
TV programming or other content. Do not place links in any post that leads to such
material. Do not provide links to any objectionable material. This also will be deleted
and those responsible will be warned and or banned from the forum. Do not post links to your business or personal website. These will be regarded as spam and deleted.

7. Do not treat posts as conversational in nature providing back and forth short replies. Post count accumulation accounts for little and are in no way rewarded. There are other venues for this and we encourage you to use those. Recognizable attempts to increase one’s post count will be recognized and those responsible will be warned and banned if the practice persists.

8. When entering a post please refrain from abbreviating large numbers of words or phrases in your entry. This can result in confusion for some and not everyone understands this type of communication. If it is not worth the effort of making your post understandable then it should not be entered. Posts which use an abundance of lazy language will be deleted. Flames and abusive communication will not be tolerated.

9. Keep your avatar size down. The forum resizes them automatically, but we still have to load, so in order to save load time keep it at or under 120 x 120. Also, keep your entire signature at or under 250 pixels in height, including text, images, links, etc. Any more than this makes for unnecessary scrolling and bandwidth.

10. NO ADVERTISING FOR YOUR STORE. It is okay if you do art commissions, cosplay
commissions that are directly related to your activities as a conventiongoer. However, if you own a brick and mortar business please refrain from placing that information on this forum.

11. Moderators have been assigned to the forums in order to uphold these rules and insure order. Please follow their directives when and if you are contacted by them. You may be asked to refrain from a specific activity that is not covered here in the rules. Please adhere to the request. It is difficult to convey everything here that will keep the forums running in a smooth, orderly and friendly manner. Should you have any questions or if you feel you have been treated in an unfair manner or you are unsure of something you would like to post, please feel free to contact BobD through private message to discuss these matters. Also, if you find a post that is offensive or your feel is inappropriate for a particular thread, please click on “report” and provide the information to us.

We are glad you have made the decision to be part of the Animazement family. We hope that this forum will be a source of the information you need to make this convention an enjoyable time and a great learning experience.
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