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Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Got a question for staff or feedback pertaining to Animazment to make it the best convention in the United States? Unload it here! Don't worry, we can take it!

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Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby Marzipan » Sun May 26, 2013 5:32 pm

Here it is. Please post your feedback here. I will be working on mine on the ride home. :)
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby banvoic3 » Sun May 26, 2013 8:18 pm

The Good
+From what I saw, the staff members (AZ and RCC; little bit of Marriott too) were a lot nicer this year. They did a good job enforcing the rules while maintaining a common fairness.
+More traffic flow around Artist Alley. If people stopped, they at least had the decency to move toward the walls.
+First time at Hell and the Masquerade, had a blast at both. The Jacabals and Asano-san also really made my night. Congrats to everyone who won an award, by the way!
+Less Con Funk! People are bathing! (I don't recall AZ having this be a serious problem but I think it's note worthy)
+More con-goers exhibiting mature, polite behavior, especially in more crowded areas.
+Easy time with (Pre-)Registration.
+The Jacabals and Asano need to come back. Plz.

The 'Eh'
=Formal Dance not what I expected. I was a bit turned off by the actual atmosphere, but I made some new friends so...
=Strictly personal gripe, but there were little to no panels I had interest in this year. So, I almost shamefully admit that I got bored at times. ^.^'

The Bad
-Music choice at the Formal. Caramelldansen? I'm sorry but that sort of pop music should be saved for the other dance. I attended the Formal to avoid that. More focus on Classical is what I'd like to see next year.

Overall, this AZ was just okay for me. It may have just been the fact that I wasn't really ready for the con at all, but now I'm just gonna prep for next year so I don't feel that way again.

Lastly, why exactly was Cosplay Chess moved to Sunday? Although I hadn't planned on attending this year, I'm curious.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby kaiser_forsaken » Sun May 26, 2013 8:51 pm

Not many complaints about the con itself. Formal was a little meh, some overlap of the big event scheduling, but most of my issues were either babysitting the people I was with, twisting my knee Saturday morning, or not getting that girls name I keep running into every year.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby chainlynx » Sun May 26, 2013 9:28 pm

I had a fantastic time at Animazement this year, however, I had one major complaint.

On Saturday night, before the rave, my group lost a person. We were not able to contact her via phone, but knew she was on her way to meet us when we lost contact with her. She was riding home with the group, so they couldn't leave her. We waited for her, but she didn't show up, even though she had just told us she was coming. We looked for her, and when half an hour had passed we decided to go to Con Ops and have them page her. When we walked in and explained our situation, we were told the staff was no longer paging people because it interrupted the panels.

I could understand not paging lost people because of panels. What really bothered me was the cavalier way the staff answered us. When we said we had a lost friend, a staff member remarked that "no one's turned in a lost friend", and that "We don't keep lost friends here, they eat all our candy." We were worried for our friend's safety, and the staff did not help and turned it into a joke. That is not the way for something like this to be handled.

In the end, we did find her. I only wish the staff had helped, or at least seemed a little concerned.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby CharonEX » Sun May 26, 2013 10:15 pm

Okay. So this con was fairly decent for me this year, nothing too special but then again I was really tired for a lot of the con.

The one thing I had to mention, though, was that I was told by a staff member while entering the con space with a bottle of pepsi that I wasn't allowed to have outside drinks. The thing being that I had purchased the drink in the dealer's room. I just found it a little frustrating that I wasn't allowed to bring something back into the con that I had purchased while INSIDE the convention. I even looked through the rules in the book and on the website and didn't see anything about being unable to bring in outside drinks. I just think this is ridiculous considering the chances of dehydration during the convention.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby fadedxxlovesong » Mon May 27, 2013 12:11 am

The Good
Everything. Almost. XD. I had a really good time this year; I thought the panel variety was good myself, but I ended up not going to a lot of the ones I planned to go to because I was just having a good time hanging out with my friends.

The Peter Pan who kept us entertained before the Masquerade/Closing ceremonies was AMAZINGGGG.

Anime Hell was hilarious.

The pre-reg line at pre-con was still long this year but it seemed to flow much more smoothly than it has in the past 3 or so years so good job with that.

I didn't realize that the masquerade didn't have a sticker/line system this year until I went upstairs, expecting to have to get in the back of an extremely long line and instead saw everyone sitting around in clumps outside the ballrooms lol but it seemed to work just as well as anything else in the past.

The Bad

The formal... it was literally nothing like I was expecting. I wasn't expecting a live band or anything but at LEAST classical/instrumental music (from anime & video games would be extra awesome) and possibly some slow songs with lyrics. Not the same music we have played during the regular dances with random late 90s/early 2000s American music thrown in (which especially made it feel like prom). And I was thinking the lights would be on because people created special costumes for the formal so the fact I wasn't able to really see/take pictures really bummed me out.

Communication between the different staffs seems to be a problem, at least on the subject of photography. I bring this up mainly because of the issues with DSLRs this year. Some people were told they couldn't have their cameras and thus ended up leaving the con when the problem was later resolved except for it was said that large lighting instruments weren't allowed inside the con. A similar situation happened last year when people were told they needed to check in their tripods and other camera accessories with the prop check table or else they couldn't use them and that was later changed so that they didn't have to.

The difference between staff on this issue is one thing in itself, but also if there are rules about photography it needs to be put on the website, on facebook and in the con book so people know what to expect. You put not to record/take pictures if it says not to (and to ask staff if you're not sure) but that's all you really comment on, so the photography regulations need to be set out clearly for everyone; the staff and the attendees.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby Dimmuburger » Mon May 27, 2013 12:59 am

Alright. Well. This was an absolutely fantastic convention.

Believe it or not I have no holes to poke. 9.5/10 would attend again.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby MMF » Mon May 27, 2013 11:32 am

I felt like the convention was really fun. I know there were some issues with the 18+ wristbands, that's probably what I would improve on. Also the Formal was great! To everyone one talking about the music choices, yes at the beginning there was a lot of pop, but 30 mins-hour into it it turned into slow waltz/foxtrot music. Occasionally they played a popular song but they did a great job when they got into the swing of things. So there was a good 3-4 hours of actual waltzing music played.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby Chopstickman » Mon May 27, 2013 11:34 am

For this convention a big suggestion is to set the opening time for panels back. As the door opens at 9 and panels start at 9 we lose time with set up and waiting for people to come in. Setting the start time back to 9:30 would allow for set up as well as getting through the doors.

I have to give props to the video rooms. A much better mix than in previous years of old and new titles. Sadly some things still were not listed properly. Locke the Superman for example. It is an 18+ movie due to nudity. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie, but anything and everything must be screened first to ensure we maintain the family friendly atmosphere of Animazement. On that note I noticed far too many girls wearing bras with out shirts. Not just in the dances either. This is a problem we need to solve as soon as possible. Granted some cosplays don't involve much more than a bra/bikini top. That's one thing. But just wearing a bra without even trying to do cosplay is giving us a bad image and needs to be stopped by the staff. If Animazement and we as otaku are going to portray ourselves as a group that can be accepted by the larger society as something other than a bunch of sick weirdos we need to conduct ourselves with with a bit more dignity. I do not want to see new rules placed down that would limit peoples' chance to do certain cosplays because other people cannot behave themselves.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby invader56 » Mon May 27, 2013 2:07 pm

    Noiz was back this year!
    Artist alley had a lot of newer work.
    PreReg check in was handled quicker this year.
    The choice of two different badge designs.
    Staff and security having better attitudes this year.
    Less drunk people ruining the rave as years before.
    Auctions being on Sat instead of Sun.
    Bringing our luggage from room to car was easier this year than before.

    Dealers room didn't have anything new.
    Too many big events on Friday, not much on Sat.
    Too many moments of "Well what do we do now"
    Seemed to be A LOT more con goers than previous years.

    Not many people doing extreme cosplay.
    A few dealers felt like I was in a flea market.
    Not enough random/weird panels.
    No security in some areas. I saw someone with a stolen badge selling it to people in line, staff found out and called security, but they where no where to be found by the door with all the money...
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby Dimmuburger » Mon May 27, 2013 4:49 pm

Panel attendance was down this year because the staff was a little strict with what was deemed acceptable.

People want to see funny panels. I live to entertain people and open their eyes to new forms of expression/ art. I want the staff to have this in mind next year.

There were some really great panels this year but they were serious/ useful rather than just humorous or silly.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby ArcticPuppet » Mon May 27, 2013 5:06 pm

For the most part I was very happy with how things were run. Registration wasn't nearly as bad, though I feel like one of the letter groups should be split into two, because its got the most common. While I understood that they could only go so fast and was not angry about it, I watched people go through the other lines so quickly in that room simply because there were so many in my letter block.

There was a slight lack of communication about the formal. I didn't know it had to be "prom" formal because it wasn't that specific on the website. I know it was put together rather quickly, but I spent a while being super confused and a little scared I wouldn't be able to get in with my boyfriend because he didn't have a suit.

My only real problem with this year is what happened at the DBZ panel. I waited two hours in line. I had to wait another two and a half the next day just to get my autographs because we had to participate in a giant game of rock, paper, scissors in order to determine who would get signatures. I was honest and didn't win, so after two hours of waiting, I didn't get my autographs the first time around. The people at the very front were there even longer and I saw that some of them didn't get autographs either. That was completely ridiculous and unfair. There is no way to determine that those people actually won the game instead of saying they did. I'm so glad I got to be at the panel, it was amazing, but not getting autographs after waiting so long really put a damper on the evening. My suggestion is that right before the panel starts someone should hand something out to the first hundred people in line (maybe a ticket, or a sticker on the badge like they used to do for the masquerade) and those people have to hand them in to get an autograph at the end.

I know staff has probably heard a lot about this, but I really feel that something needs to be done about it
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby Ikuto » Mon May 27, 2013 9:25 pm

I suggest not closing the Dealers Room so early. Also, it would be nice if you could plan more autograph sessions.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby Cutiebunny » Tue May 28, 2013 2:22 am

Animazement 2013 was my first East Coast convention. Prior to this, I had attended several other West Coast cons including Anime Expo, SakuraCon and Fanime since 2008. I usually attend several conventions a year, and solely attend for Japanese artistic guests.

That being said, here are my thoughts -

The Good

Registration -Despite the "low tech" way of looking at printouts with attendee information and checking them off, the pre-registration line on Friday morning moved well. I think I waited about 30 minutes to be registered. I had no problem with writing my name on a tag and putting the lanyard on it myself. I liked that they were off on the side and that there were lots of sharpies around for many attendees to fill out.

Water - I really like it when conventions leave jugs of water out for their attendees. I love being able to stay hydrated without having to pay $3 for a bottle of water at a con. For those of us who fly and can't bring water due to weight and government requirements, this was a godsend. Thank you.

Guest List - Part of the reason I attended your convention was because you managed to get a good mix of Japanese guests AND you didn't wait until less than 2 weeks before your event to announce them. Please continue announcing guests weeks and months in advance. It's very helpful for those who are deciding whether or not to attend.

No Autograph Line Tickets - My thought has always been, if it's important enough to you, you'll line up early. Yeah, it's crummy when most of your con experience is spent in line, but it's an even worse feeling attending an event for a certain guest and losing the chance at getting an autograph or picture with them simply because of bad luck. Please continue to not distribute autograph line tickets and instead encourage fans to arrive to autograph lines early in order to get items signed.

Dealer Hall & Spacing - This was laid out really well. I liked that, with exception to Saturday, I didn't have to push or squeeze between attendees in order to make it through one end of the hall to the other. I know some people complained that the selection wasn't so good, but my advice to these people is to simply sign up for a Yahoo Japan deputy service, and buy things that way. That's what most of us do.

I also think that there's an adequate amount of space to maneuver, and like where the artist alley is. I only had to squeeze through people on Saturday in the dealer hall. Otherwise, it was crowded, but still pretty easy to get around.

Panel Scheduling - I thought it was great that there's a 30 minute gap between panels and autograph sessions. It allows just a couple of extra minutes to get attendees out without being trampled by other incoming attendees. I like knowing that when a panel or autograph session is scheduled to start at a certain time, it will, instead of 5-15 minutes later than scheduled as it is at many other conventions I've attended in the past.


Autograph Lines - Autograph line staff was a grab bag. There were some great staff like Chad and then were some awful staff (the woman with the headphone whose name I will not mention here). I strongly suggest moving her to a different department next year. You don't just show up at noon, and then, despite everything already being orderly, tell attendees that you're going to move them around and do everything different simply because you've been butting heads with the other headphone staffers for the last two days. If things are orderly and not obstructing/hurting anyone and anything, it's just a waste of effort to intervene. Other than this one woman, I thought staff was very accommodating and kind.

Another thing - I was upset that staff was discouraging those Japanese guests that could draw from refraining to do so. Maybe next year you could create two autograph sessions, one where it's just autographs and another dedicated to sketches if it's such a problem? Or perhaps have a different event, like a dinner or evening session where attendees can pay extra to receive sketches. It's also disappointing when staff come up to you to show you their Mikimoto sketch after you stood in line for 6 hours in the hopes of being first to get one. If the only people that are going to get sketches are those that volunteer for your con, you should simply state that on your website. Yes, I understand it depends on the guest, their management and time allotted, but for those of us who attend cons in the hopes of receiving a sketch, this is very important and will be critical factor in me attending your event again.

I was also sad to see that Tsunoda and Kotabe did not get an autograph session. Your Facebook page mentioned that they were going to be at the Surprise Auto session, except that they weren't. It's one thing to have a surprise autograph session, but it's another to advertise that certain people are going to be there, and they're not. How hard is it to contact their handlers to verify that they're going to be there?

The Bad

Charity Auction - I was rather discouraged that this started out late, and would hope that, in the future, the majority of your items would be organized and ready to go. However, I heard from other attendees that it's like this every year, so my hope for improvement here doesn't seem likely.

I was also disappointed to see that there was one sketch available for sale. Yes, I know it depends on the guest, their manager and the time allotted, but I know Nagahama pretty well, and the man really enjoys drawing as long as he's not pushed to do it for hours on end. He donated 3 color shikishi to AM2 2012, an event that was roughly the same size as your 2012 event, but yet there were no shikishi from him for sale this time around. If you want your charity auction to make as much money as possible, it's important to have as many sketches as you possibly can. You had four guests that could draw this year, and it was sad that only 1 sketch from 1 guest made it up there. I brought a lot of money to the charity auction, and yet there was only one sketch for me to spend my money on.

The 'No Outside Food' Rule - I get and appreciate that your food vendors don't want outside competition. That's understandable since they paid for the space. And I can also appreciate you wanting to keep food spills to a minimum. However, getting chewed out on Friday at 9a for eating a bagel over a plate when none of the vendors in the convention center are up and running at the time? Seems a bit foolish.


I opted to attend AZ because my local convention, FanimeCon, had drastically disappointed me this year. And, as you occur during the same weekend, I will likely have to choose between both events in 2014. I enjoyed my time at the con and area around it and would love to return. But, I do hope that more emphasis can be given to those of us who attend cons for sketches, whether it's at a special autograph session or the charity auction. It's something that I would be willing to pay more to experience.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby MinaUchiha2 » Tue May 28, 2013 10:15 am

The good:
Most everything overall.
Craftsmanship judging being away in the hotel not con-center.
Photo hunt was back!

The bad:
The lady who was "guarding" the green room. Last year we'd been left there and had to run to the main room for awards. This year while the extra show was going we wanted to go ahead and head over and sit and relax. She refused to let us out at all, claimed we wouldn't be able to get our award, that "eventually" we'd get taken through the back, and was talking to us in a rude tone, not to mention being told we couldn't sit when we got to the other room. Part of the group I was with had an injured knee and wanted to go ahead and take her time to get over. Of course we hear "Our judges are on the way back" sending us to want to go over and finally them rushing us over. =.= I know you don't want possible winners running around BUT when we're going to the room you'll "eventually" send us to just let us. She was overly rude to us for no reason. We've not had chairs to sit in and we want to relax after the stress of doing a skit. It wasn't much for us to ask.

Overall it was one of the better years over the last few.
The only other "bads" were just lack of selection this year with Artist Alley and Dealers but that's just personal preference issue. =p
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby PuppetQueen » Tue May 28, 2013 11:29 am

The Good

+Pre-reg line moved fairly well. Once things got going, the line started moving at a decent pace (as far as con lines go). The staff members helping with the lines were really friendly and nice. I really appreciated that. :)
+Water <3
+The weather was rather nice this year. I wasn't dying after standing outside for five minutes, with the exception of Sunday in which I wasn't feeling well and could not handle the heat.
+The AZ and RCC staff were better in terms of attitude and how they handled certain things. There are a few people I have a bone to pick with though. I firmly believe that bad apples shouldn't ruin the bunch, so I made sure to not judge the whole by the acts of the few. The volunteers were great too. I was complaining to them, just letting off steam, and they actually paid attention. I made sure to tell them that I wasn't angry with them and that I was just upset with the situation in general.
+Cosplay Chess! I finally got in this year (as Loki) and even though I could only see out of one eye, I had a blast! It was planned out really well and I thought the organization was awesome! A very special thank you to everyone who put that together.
+Two awesome RCC staff guys letting me and my Thor get into the con before 10 to get to cosplay chess. Apparently a lot of people had trouble with this, but luckily we did not. We explained the situation and they let us right through.
+Mad love to the amazing photographers! <3
+Photoshoots were fun! I loved running the Pokemon one on Sunday, even if there weren't as many cosplayers as usual. I hope everyone that came had a good experience. I should have advertised more on Friday and Saturday, but alas I am human and make mistakes.

The Bad

-The formal was not a formal. I did not put on a nice dress to go to a middle school dance.
-There was one RCC staff member that was rather snooty to me. I did not have my badge out and after informing her that I needed to get it, I stepped aside. She continued to harangue me and make rude comments about how I should have had my badge out. I'm sorry if you don't like your job, but please do not take it out on me. Especially when I am being polite and respectful.
-Another RCC staff problem. As some of you know half of Saturday and all day Sunday I could only see out of one eye. My working eye was extremely light sensitive so I was not going outside. On Sunday, once I was in my Cubone cosplay, I tried going through the tunnel to avoid the glorious sun. The staff member would not let me through because my bone was not checked. It was plastic, hollow, and it would have been impossible to bludgeon anyone with it. I tried to tell him my situation about my eye, but he would not let me through. In result I had to go outside and my retinas were quite unhappy. I must add that this staff member WAS doing his job. I understood why he would not let me through, but I think he if had just checked my bone and let me through to go get it tagged to avoid outside then I would have had a lot less trouble. I can't be too upset with him really, because he had an excellent point in that I could be hiding something inside the bone. I was mostly frustrated because my eyes were killing me and I was trying to get to the Pokemon photoshoot I was running.
-There was no buffer between my panel and the Japanese Class panel before it. Akemi Umetani is such a sweetheart, and I felt awful telling her that I needed to set up for my panel after hers was over. She was having a nice conversation with another con-goer and it was running over her time. Granted my panel was a small and laid back one, it was still a little embarrassing that I basically had to boot a guest out of the panel room. She was very understanding and apologized, but I told her that it was alright and I thanked her for letting me set up.
-Panel check-in? What hell? Friday morning I went to the usual panel hall to ask where I would need to check-in later (because I wanted to be prepared in case I was running late). The staff member I talked to spoke to someone over his walkie and he told me that I would need to check in over by where the old game rooms used to be. I thanked him and left to go about my day. About fifteen minutes before my panel, I go to where he told me to and asked someone where I needed to check-in. They told me that there was no check-in in that area and that maybe it was on the hallway that I was originally on. I went back to that hallway (since I was in 302b) and again there was no one to check in to. This left my feathers kind of ruffled because I usually have a good experience with running panels and with staff helping me out. The lovely Marzipan calmed me down though <3.

The Downright Ugly

-A staff member in con-ops said something extremely inappropriate to my friend that was directed towards me. To be honest, if I had known who it was, then I probably would have been kicked out of the con for being cross with him. Sexual harassment is unacceptable and I was shocked that someone on staff would actually have the gall to say what he said to her. I do not want to repeat it here as it was rather vulgar and we have younger members on the forum.
-That Marco Polo crap has got to stop. It was not as bad as last year but those echo games are seriously not funny. I'm sure they had to brush the dust off of those old tricks before using them again. I believe I shouted back at them to shut up a few times when my patience was at its limits. It is asinine and annoying. This isn't really something the con staff can fix besides making a rule against it. I think most attendees would appreciate the rule.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby Shadou » Tue May 28, 2013 12:29 pm

The Good:
- Beefed up security. Especially needed at night.

- More of a selection of video games in the video rooms!

The Meh:
- Not much new panels (People, send in new stuff!). Possible talk of 'retiring' a panel if no new content is added over the years?

The Bad:
- Con funk EVERYWHERE. Especially in the gaming rooms. Go take a shower people. :p

-Directed at the fighting gamers hogging the machines: please let someone else have a turn when you die, even if the next person in line is a chick.

- Can we get the 'no large props and horseplay' rules was enforced 24/7 each day in both the Dealer's Room and Video Game Rooms. I can't tell you how many times I almost got a concussion from a random turning wing (or live weapon for bonus points) or someone getting tackled near me.
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby kilayi » Tue May 28, 2013 3:52 pm

Artist Alley:
I think the way to fix AA would be a different layout, perhaps. Maybe push the tables near the walls, like the tables upstairs were, and open up the area in front of the ballrooms as another area for the alley to go, like in the first couple years at the RCC.
Yes I get that it would limit tables, but it was such a pain to travel through the alley just to browse that i didn't spend much time at all doing it, and didn't buy anything like i normally would have done.

Or maybe make the area between the tables in the islands smaller, and not have the tables at the ends? I think the hallway just isn't the best place for it in terms of ease of travel, but I agree that you get a lot more traffic in the hallway. On the note of getting an exhibition hall for the AA, wouldn't you have more sellers, so the price would still be a little less? Or do like many conventions and just put AA in a section of the dealer's room? Maybe that big empty space at the back fo the room? and move the empty tables for people to sit at to the hallway where the AA is now?

Cosplay Chess:
Anyway, a big suggestion I wish could happen was to have Cosplay Chess either later on Sunday or back on Saturday. I was a chess piece, and have been helping with the event since it's first year, and i LOVED the stage and setup this year. I don't think anyone realizes that everyone helping with chess has to get there 1.5 hours early, so anyone in a hotel would have had to check out SUPER early, or get a late check out, and THEN do chess stuff. It was alright for me, since I was at a friend's house for the weekend, but I can see where attendance would have been even higher if it wasn't during check out time. Maybe have it a little later on sunday, or move it back to Saturday. But then our Saturdays would turn into how people in the masquerade do their saturdays, and do only chess, which is something i personally wouldn't like, and i'm sure many other who help with chess would agree. I'd rather have most of my Sunday eaten up by Chess than Saturday.

I agree that any rules about photography NEED to be posted online, in the con book, on the walls, EVERYWHERE. This was a huge issue with many of my photog friends, and it affected me, since they couldn't shoot my costumes in many places. Granted, outdoor photos are usually nicer, but being inside is cooler for many people in costume.

I didn't have any other suggestions, but to the people complaining about no interesting panels: you do know they're fan run, right? If you have a good idea, run one yourself!
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby mewsakura » Tue May 28, 2013 5:27 pm

The Good
+ Cosplay Chess - I liked that Cosplay Chess was on Sunday ( I was unable to go to it last year). I do wish that it was later in the day (after the checkout rush) but it was fun. The Tony Stark MC was really funny also plus The Doctor and Jarvis. All were in Character which was nice.

+Peter Pan MC - I have to say I had such a good time listening to Peter Pan during the Masquerade. If anyone knows them please express how much I adore them. I vote that we have Peter Pan back as the MC next year.

+ Pictures in the big con book - They were nice and detailed, I'm sure they helped people who had not been to the RCC before. I also liked being able to know exactly which table belonged to who so I could find them easily.

The OK
= Pre-Reg - The pre-reg line did move quicker than it did last year so that is a plus but I was in line with my mother and a friend (all of us have last names in different groups). When we got to the door they went straight though the line in less than 5 minutes while I had to wait at the door for over 30 minutes just because my last name started with 'L'. I understand that there is no way to know who is going to be in line at any given time but it is not fair to split up groups of people (and allow people with other last names go past people who have been waiting). If there is a certain line that is backed up and a line that is empty at one time it would be more fair to give everyone in the room their badges (no matter what the line is) than to keep calling in other people from further back in the line.

= Masquerade line up - It took me a long time to figure out where to line up for the event. Last year the line up was outside so I expected that is would be the same this year (Which it wasn't). I suggest that it be written in the con book where lineup starts especially if it changes from year to year.

= Dealers room - I loved all the dealers this year but I did not enjoy the shortened hours.

The Bad
-- The Formal Ball Music - I was super excited about the formal ball this year but when I got there (I got there at about 8 pm after the Fan forum panel and the entire time I was there they only played 2 slow dances). Needless to say I was not very happy about that.

-- People who didn't show up for their panels/ Cancelled panels - On Friday I went to the 'Advanced Costuming' panel and the person running the panel never showed up (Puppet can attest to this). I can understand if the person is running late to their panel (I have been late to my own panel before) but not showing up at all or even giving any word to the staff, that is just bad. I understand that things happen but it's just disappointing.

I can't think of anything else right this minute. Overall I enjoyed this year at AZ. My group did have trouble getting to AZ due to car trouble so the con pretty much couldn't getting any worse after that. I met some really nice people this year and I hope to see them again next year. I will be returning next year since I already bought my ticket C:
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Re: Thoughts/Suggestions for AZ 2013

Postby CrayolaCrayon » Tue May 28, 2013 6:07 pm

Just like mew pointed out, masquerade line up(how it will go down)should be in the con booklet, since it literally changes every year. Other than that it was a great con and I truly enjoyed myself this year.

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